Eating Puffin Iceland

eating puffin iceland
Puffin meat?

I am looking for a website that sells Puffin meat. I know that they eat in Iceland and I would try it. If you know of a site Puffin web selling meat let me know please. Thanks!

Well, clearly, this was published (probably on purpose?) In the wrong section.Out courtesy I did a quick check and I found anywhere, even if your sites puffin meat recipes. I doubt that finding someone to be launched puffin meat to you, what with the import laws, rules and regulations of shipping, international standards, etc. that will also cost a lot of face of any so I am assuming that must be refrigerated or frozen are all the way on top of it. Maybe you have the best luck finding someone so private in Iceland or in another place you could send - that's what my friend had to do when he wanted to send a rare black rose from Africa during the night his girlfriend to propose ... cost him $ 245 to get it sent.

Angie the adorable Puffin

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